Coopr Week 8: the final session

23 May 2017

May the 18th was the day we all had been working towards. The day we were going to show what our months of hard work, gathering insights, formulating strategies and preparing pitches had been leading up to. Every team had to present their pitch in front of a jury, consisting of people form Warsteiner, Coopr and Erasmus University. Before we announce our winners, we spoke to a member of each team, asking them to explain their campaign.

Gintarė (in a team with Nadja and Celeste) told us that their campaign was centered around the Dutch phenomenon of the VrijMiBo, were people have a drink with their coworkers on Friday after work. Their main tactic was to develop a Premium Mobile Beergarten, travelling around the cities in the Randstad and visit their business-districts, in order to gather target-audience. This also included a social activation with a Facebook-contest, in which the winners would have the beergarten coming to their house.

Ted (in a team with Daisy and Svetlana) said that their campaign was planned around the ultimate , premium BBQ with Warsteiner Radler. It contained a surprise element, where a team would pop in on people’s picnics and surprise them with their influencer: ChefmetLef. After that people could ask on social media for ChefmetLef to come help them out with their BBQ.

Esther (in a team with Ilaria and Maurits) had a campaign which was centered around organizing a masterclass for journalists and food bloggers, which was organized by ChefmetLef. During this masterclass, participants were taught how to cook with Warsteiner Radler. This also included a social activation, in the form of a contest where the target-audience would create dishes using Radler and post them on Instagram. The winners would win a masterclass hosted by ChefmetLef.

Roman (in a team with Tessel and Claudia) told us that they had a bold campaign, which was focused more on the perception of the product in relation to masculinity, and less on the product. They wanted to challenge the perception of Radler as a mainly female drink, by exploring what constitutes manliness in the 21st century). The campaign follows 2 influencers and 2 regular people in their daily life, and the videos would be broadcasted via the channels of Warsteiner and the influencers. This would be concluded by a festival.

And then the waiting started, while the jury discussed all presentations. In the mean time we all enjoyed a Radler and discussed how we think our pitches went. Then Wilco, the man from Warsteiner emerged with the rest of the jury. He started off by thanking everyone, and told us that there were two teams who stood out: the team of Gintarė, Nadja and Celeste, and the team of Roman, Tessel and Claudia. These teams had the most solid strategies and well-rounded tactics. But in the end, there can only be one team that wins. So here it is, without further ado, the winners of Coopr-academy 2017:

Gintarė, Nadja and Celeste, with the Premium Mobile Beergarten!

On behalf of all the other participants, we would like to congratulate them on their victory. We would also like to extend our thanks to Lidewij and Renée from the Erasmus University for making this possible, Marcel and Shelly from Coopr for coaching the teams, all the other members of Coopr for hosting the wonderfully sessions and Warsteiner for providing this very interesting case. We all enjoyed it immensely, and we all gained a ton of knowledge which we will be applying in our futures. Thank you everyone for making this possible, it was fantastic!