Coopr Academy 2024: The First Step on the Catwalk

26 February 2024

The 2024 edition of Coopr Academy marks the eighth (!) time that students temporarily become PR consultants and convene to work under the guidance of seasoned PR professionals from Coopr. The first session, which took place on the 15th of February, was all about us students being introduced to each other, to Coopr, and the client with a huge following – and a compelling objective.

As we entered the headquarters located right by the Erasmus Bridge, we were taken to the presentation room. We were greeted by the senior PR consultants of Coopr, as well as one of the CEOs, who enthusiastically delved into the basics of public relations and Coopr’s work. This involved a surprising trivia which showcased the out-of-the-box PR stunts – and unforeseen occurrences – which are all part of the company’s public relations advising for their impressive range of clients. These fueled the excitement for the reveal of this year’s client!

The floor was also given to us: a total of ten (six IBCoM, four Masters Media Studies) enthusiastic students who all got to share more about their background, interests, and affiliation with public relations. As always, a group of diverse and motivated students! A full reveal of the soon-to-be academy graduates:

We all got to know each other with a nice dinner, and afterwards it was time for the grand reveal of this year’s client: Primark!

Everyone’s go-to store for affordable clothing, with multiple stores across 16 countries in Europe and the United States. The local head of communications of Primark presented more information about the retailer, including facts, figures, accomplishments, and drawbacks. While Primark is a popular choice for accessible, affordable clothing amongst the Dutch population, it faces critical media coverage.

We have therefore been tasked with the unique mission of producing a PR campaign that will create positive coverage for Primark during the Amsterdam Fashion Week! No more spoilers 😉

Finally, we got split into two groups who will both aim at realising Primark’s desires for the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Senior PR consultants at Coopr, Lotte and Maxine, will be coaching their assigned groups and using their expertise to help transform our ideas into reality. The two groups capped off the session via a brief meeting with the respective coaches, with whom we discussed some of the said ideas and planned out the next five weeks.

Excited to experience the upcoming period which will certainly be filled with challenges and excitement!