The final pitch: Coopr Academy Week 5

25 March 2024

Time had finally arrived for the fifth and final session of the Coopr Academy, where both of our teams presented our pitches for Primark to our distinguished jury made up of Christine Braun – Corporate Communications Manager of Primark, Jody Koehler – Managing Director of Coopr, and our Erasmus supervisors Kayleigh Vedder and Vera Dullemond. The anticipation was palpable as we gathered in the presentation room, eager (and a little nervous) to showcase the innovative ideas we had been working on over the past weeks.

This session was quite different than our previous sessions, as we did most of the talking. After weeks of getting to know about the ins and outs of PR, it was finally time to showcase what we picked up on.

Each group presented their thoughtfully crafted pitches, drawing inspiration from the insights gained throughout the program as well as thorough research. From innovative activation ideas to strategic messaging, it was clear that both teams had poured their hearts and souls into their campaigns. Presentations were very detailed, including budget considerations, influencer marketing, risk analyses, and much more; leaving our jury in awe. Both teams had considerable overlap, focusing on empowerment and the inclusivity of Primark, truly showcasing how great minds think alike. But each team had very unique approaches and creative activations that set the campaign a part from each other.

After the presentations concluded, we had the opportunity to mingle with our fellow Coopr Academy friends and our mentors for one last time, over a delicious dinner. The atmosphere was electric as we celebrated all of our hard work and dedication. It was a bitter-sweet final meal where we could not stop remarking on how fast our time at had flown by.

Then came the moment we had all been waiting for – the announcement of the winning pitch. Tension filled the air as the jury deliberated, but ultimately, one team was declared the winner. However, both teams were commended for their smart ideas and received the highest compliment we could have in PR: that both ideas could be actually implemented! With certificates in hand, along with some chocolate and beautiful tulips, we basked in the glow of our accomplishments and took many photos to commemorate the evening.

As we all bid farewell to the Coopr Academy, we carry with us memories of unforgettable experiences, newfound friendships, and a deep sense of pride in what we have achieved together. We hope the next class of Coopr Academy has even more fun and falls in love with the world of PR like we have.