What’s your mind cooking? The best recipe for creativity, brainstorming, and pitching

13 March 2023

I think you should brush your teeth on one leg. Why? Well, because this session was not about a new yoga position, but rather about finding ways to boost our creativity, improve our brainstorming techniques, and learn how to master our pitch. And yes, that is one helpful technique. Although the final pitch will take place in two weeks and all of us are focused and determined to nail it, this session not only helped us come up with new ideas for our assignment and be confident in our creativity, but it also helped us loosen up and be ready to embrace the challenge. This was all thanks to Lotte, accompanied by Marloes, who took us through the unrestrained journey of building up creative ideas, by introducing us to some theory, strategies, and also by giving us some fun challenges to complete. Hence, hold on with that leg still up, grab a pen and a paper, and stay focused!

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