Week 2

1 March 2024

After being presented with the case and spending a week brainstorming creative ideas, it was time for some theory. Here is the scoop on everything that went down in our whirlwind three-hour session filled with corporate PR secrets, brand PR wizardry, and strategic communication hacks. Oh, and did I mention the delicious dinner that capped off the night? Yeah, it was a feast for both the mind and the belly!

Picture this: a room buzzing with eager minds, fueled by caffeine and curiosity, ready to dive headfirst into the world of PR. Our second session kicked off with a bang as we started with the corporate PR. Might sound boring at first, but delving into it, and investigating the exciting cases of Coca-Cola or Innocent truly proved how important this area of PR is.

But wait, there’s more! Just when we thought things couldn’t get any more exciting, we shifted gears to explore the enchanting world of brand PR. We learned how to craft compelling brand stories, engage with influencers, and create buzz-worthy campaigns that set social media on fire. It was like unlocking the secret recipe to PR success, one Instagram post at a time.

Just before our minds started to get overwhelmed, it was finally dinner time! Over the delicious chicken (vegan option as well!) and veggies we discussed some more cases that Coopr had to tackle and, in true Dutch nature, complained about the storm outside.

The second part of the session tackled strategic communication – the unsung hero of the PR world. We peeled back the layers of communication strategies, discovering how to tailor our messages for different audiences, navigate media landscapes, and wield the power of persuasion like pros. Amazing cases such as Dove’s campaign for true beauty even made some tear up!

After the session, our heads were buzzing with questions and ideas for our client. Could we organise an event like Coca-Cola did? Or march through the Dutch government as did Innocent? Maybe create a resonating and touching campaign? This session definitely provided us with a foundation and creative inspiration for our future strategy. Armed with newfound knowledge and a fresh perspective, we’re ready to tackle any challenge that comes our way and make waves in the world of PR. And the first challenge we had to deal with was the storm outside.