Who do you work with? Influencer marketing and the media landscape – Coopr Academy Week 4

11 March 2024

Time flies when you are having fun. It feels like we have just started the Coopr Academy, but the fourth session already was our last informative session. During the past four weeks, the students got a taste of the world of PR. This week was all about influencer marketing and the (news) media world.

Before this week’s presentation started, both of the groups met up with their mentor to do a final debriefing of the challenge. Then, it was time to start the fourth, and last, session. Not only is this blog keeping track of the Coopr Academy, so was a videographer on behalf of Coopr! So, we smiled and listened to the presentation. Monique kicked off by introducing us to the news media landscape. She explained to us how PR messages are picked up by news media and how to make a PR campaign newsworthy.

One of our teams’ mentors, Maxine, told us all about influencer marketing, an important part of PR. She explained the difference between mega-, macro- and micro-influencers and what value each of these types of influencers have. The information in this presentation may be of help while working on the challenge, as Maxine explained what to look for when searching for influencers to work with. The presentation included examples of influencers’ posts of previous collaborations. Now that we have gotten to know the ins and outs of PR, you look at such videos differently than before, with a more critical point-of-view.

Then it was time for a break with a tasty dinner: yum! The food at the office never fails to amaze. We sat around a big table and had some fun chit-chat before it was time to head back to the presentation room again. Our other mentor, Lotte, ended the fourth session by showing how to nail a pitch. She explained useful dos and don’ts that their team applies in every pitch for Coopr too.

The end of this session also marked the end of the informative sessions. From this point on, the groups have two weeks to work on their pitches and finalize the challenge. There is still a lot of work to do, but we look forward to presenting you our final pitches in two weeks!