Coopr Academy – The Sequel

23 February 2017

“New year, new me” – right? With February kicking in, we’re probably all hesitating whether this is really the case. However, what we do know for sure is: new year, new Coopr Academy!

For the second time, 12 IBCoM and Media Master students have been selected for the honor of working together with an actual PR-company: Coopr (as the name might already suggest). The thing is though, that besides learning a lot about the PR-field in fortnightly sessions, the students also get to work and create a pitch for an actual client! Last year, this was MTV, which was naturally very much in the field of interest of the students, but this a year an even more relatable client has been chosen: Warsteiner! Students and beer – to say it’s a match made in heaven would be quite the understatement.

On Thursday the 9th of February the spectacle began. The students had been summoned to create a moodboard to not only show who they are, but also what they thought about PR. With such a diverse group from all over the world (from Malaysian to American and Italian to simply Dutch – it was all represented), the presentations were a creative bombarding filled with creativity and enthusiasm. Just what you would expect from a PR-professional to be, right? One of the highlights of the night must have been the quote “I tried to fit my tiara on here, but it wouldn’t stick!”, from one of the students who actually made an old school paper-and-scissors moodboard from scratch filled with the most vibrant and authentic pieces.

Naturally it wasn’t all fun and games, and after Marcel and Shelly – the two wonderfully excited Coopr-employees – had run us through the so-called Coopr PR-model, it was time for the client to pop in and share the actual campaign briefing. The Warsteiner Radler will be the epitome of the campaign and the whole room was through the roof to say the least. And not just because of the free Radlers we received to celebrate of course – that is all part of the job now 😉

After it had all sunk in a bit and the entire briefing was run through, it was time for some aftertalk and drinks at the office. One motto of Coopr is that they want to be able to drink a beer with their clients, and for their students they make no exception. With the excitement still buzzing through the room, it was a nice way to let the evening come to a close.

And this was only the beginning! The first assignment deadline has been set, and now it’s time for the students to dive into the world of PR and, not forgetting, the brand world of Warsteiner. Target audiences? Insights? Unique Selling Points? All kinds of terms that will be flowing through the students’ heads in preparation for the next session.

Until next time and for now, in Warsteiner style – CHEERS!